Social Enterprise Support Fund

We have launched the Social Enterprise Support Fund to assist the development and creation of social enterprises in Aberdeenshire:

Grants available

Councillors are supporting the sector with a £200,000 Social Enterprise Support Fund which will be open for applications until March 2019. 

The fund includes grants for new permanent employees, training, expert advice, and for feasibility studies into new income streams. There is also a grant for the establishment of new social enterprises, and for the establishment new income streams for existing social enterprises.

Salary Subsidy Grants

Salary Subsidy Grants are for new permanent posts. Positions need to be for new employees and last a minimum of two years. 

The amount of grant available depends on the number of contracted hours:

  • £1,000 for 15 to 24 hours per week
  • £2,000 for 25 or more hours per week

The enterprise must be able to show National Insurance and PAYE deductions. Seasonal or zero hours contracts are not eligible.

The employee must not be taken on before we approve the grant.

Expert Help Grants

Expert Help Grants are for specialist, professional, expert help for start-up and expansion of social enterprises. The maximum grant available is £5,000.

Training Grants

Training Grants are for social enterprises with a maximum of £1,000 per person offered. Grants can also be used to fund courses for several social enterprises. Examples include procurement training and training for members of social enterprise boards.

Feasibility Study Grants

Feasibility Study Grants of up to £10,000 are available, to carry out a feasibility study on a new social enterprise or for an existing social enterprise to carry out a feasibility study on a new income stream.

Establishment Grants

Establishment Grants of up to £10,000 are available, to assist in the establishment of a new social enterprise.

Who can apply

There is some criteria you need to meet in order to apply:

  • The business must be a true social enterprise with an asset lock
  • The project must be viable
  • The awarding of the grant must not be harmful to other Aberdeenshire businesses

How to apply

To apply for a grant or more information on the fund please email or phone:

  • Service Manager, Business and Communities on 01467 536167 
  • Community Economic Development Co-ordinator on 01467 533193

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