Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development activities help release the enterprise potential within local communities, working with social enterprises, development trusts and community organisations

Where possible, Economic Development provides:

  • real support to developing communities
  • guidance in project development
  • assistance in organisational development

Aberdeenshire Rural Partnerships

The six area based rural partnerships support developments in their own area as well as work across Aberdeenshire through the Aberdeenshire Rural Partnership Federation.


Community Economic Development Co-ordinator


Community Benefit Guidance for Developers and Communities in Aberdeenshire

Guidance for Developers of Renewable Energy Projects

Guidance for Community and Voluntary Groups for Renewable Energy Projects

For further info:

Contact: Community Economic Development Officer

LEADER in Rural Aberdeenshire

LEADER in Rural Aberdeenshire is an innovative rural development programme which aims to improve the quality of life and economic prosperity in Aberdeenshire.


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