Aberdeenshire Trading Standards Laboratory Service

With Aberdeenshire Trading Standards laboratory Services you are assured of:

  • A totally independent and confidential service.
  • A competitive price.
  • Full traceability of all measurements to National Standards.
  • A prompt and efficient Service.

From our Laboratory at Woodhill House, we are able to provide a testing and calibration service for weights and measures equipment.

Our laboratory provides a testing and calibration service for a variety of equipment, including weights, measures of length, capacity measures and weighing equipment.

Our procedures ensure we are able to provide consistent quality and traceability to national standards.

As part of Aberdeenshire Trading Standards Service, we offer our services to customers within the Aberdeenshire area.

The laboratory is also responsible for maintaining local & working standard weights, plus testing equipment used by the Trading Standards Service for enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act 1985. This equipment is used at trade and business premises to verify the accuracy of weighing and measuring machines to ensure legal compliance.

Mass laboratory

Our mass laboratory room is environmentally controlled and provides stability in temperature and humidity to ensure accuracy and consistency in all calibrations.

Before any calibration work is carried out all submitted equipment is placed in the mass room for at least twenty-four hours to acclimatise to the environmental conditions.

For weight calibration the mass laboratory is equipped with sophisticated mass comparators and a precision balances.

The accuracy classes are as follows:

Classification tolerance at weight sizekg

Tolerance at weight size

We are able to calibrate weights within the following weight denominations:

M 1 classification and below: 20kg to 1mg.

A comprehensive certificate of calibration accompanies work, that is traceable to National Standards.

Weight adjustment service

Weights in regular use can be found to change in value. Weights submitted for testing are often found to be outside the permitted tolerances for their specific classification. If required, most weights can be adjusted to meet customers specifications and/or legal metrology requirements.

Preparation of weights to remove any loose dirt or chipped paint can also be arranged.

Weight identification

Weights found to be without any means of identification can be marked to identify individual weights to coincide with customer requirements and importantly give clarification for the calibration certificate.

Other areas of calibration

Aberdeenshire Trading Standards Calibration Laboratory Services offer other calibration and metrological services.

Services available:

  • Testing and certification of flow meters.
  • Calibration of weights and poises.
  • Road tanker compartment and dipstick calibration.
  • Volumetric and gravimetric testing of vessels.
  • Weights hire.

For more information or to submit items for test please contact us at the address below.

Aberdeenshire Trading Standards Service
Gordon House
Blackhall Road
AB51 3WA

Telephone: 01467 537222 


Vat registration number : 663 7554 08

Weighing and Measuring Equipment

Aberdeenshire Council cannot approve suppliers of weighing and measuring equipment. We recommend that you seek advice from recognised national trade associations such as the Weighing Federation.


View our weighing and measuring fees (PDF 111KB) for 2022 to 2023.


For weight hire please contact our Inverurie Office on 01467 537222.

We also have 20kg weights available for hire. These weights are tested annually and come with a certificate of accuracy if required.

View our conditions of weight hire (PDF 30KB).