Trusted Trader scheme

Aberdeenshire Trusted Trader scheme is a local business partnership to support Aberdeenshire consumers to identify reliable local and national trusted traders, while local traders benefit through increased market share and business opportunity. 

The Aberdeenshire Trusted Trader scheme differs from national commercial schemes, it is entirely local, aimed at Aberdeenshire traders and consumers, and supported by the Trading Standards team.

Members are the subject of a rigorous vetting process that considers trading history, business practices and a commitment from the business to trade fairly. This hands-on approach, along with our local knowledge and understanding of legislative requirements, is the key strength of this scheme. All members have to follow a strict code of practice, ensuring accountability and protection for local residents and consumers.

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Customers and local residents

You can find an Aberdeenshire trusted trader by searching the directory online. Alternatively you can call the Trusted Trader helpline on 0333 444 7016, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You can also search a national database of trusted trader schemes, for vetted traders based outside of Aberdeenshire.

If you have had work carried out by a business found through the Aberdeenshire Trusted Trader scheme, please leave a review. The reviews are published on the website and will help other consumers make informed decisions when looking to employ a trader.

Negative comments and disputes are reviewed, and if unresolved, parties have the option of taking the matter to dispute resolution.


In order to join the scheme local traders must agree to a vetting process and confirm that they are aware of, and agree to uphold the code of practice.

The primary focus of the scheme is the home improvement sector. Applicants must be based within Aberdeenshire or be able to show that a reasonable proportion of their business is carried out in Aberdeenshire.

You can apply online to join the scheme, on the Scotland Trusted Trader website.

If an application is successful, then marketing materials will be provided to show potential customers that the business is a member of the Trusted Trader scheme. The material can be displayed at a business premises, on paperwork, website and vehicles.

Traders failing to comply with the terms and conditions of the scheme may be the subject of sanctions, which could include suspension or removal from scheme.


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