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How much do I have to pay for care I receive at home?

CalculatorIf you receive care at home from our social work service, you may need to contribute towards the cost of these services.

The services you receive are based on your needs. The charge will be based on you ability to pay.

A charge will only be made if your assessable income is over the income threshold set by the Scottish Government. Many people will pay nothing, or will only contribute towards part of the cost.

All welfare benefits you receive will be included in your income for assessment purposes - except:

  • disability living allowance (mobility component)
  • war widows pension (MOD component)
  • war disablement pension

We will offer you a benefits entitlement check to make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.


Further information

Further information on charging for non-residential care services is included in our guide to contributing towards the cost of your care: