Support and training for foster carers

We recognise how important support and training is to all foster carers, regardless of the type of foster care being given.

We provide:

  • support and supervision from a designated Fostering Service social worker
  • regular foster carer support groups, including events and groups for the birth children of foster carers
  • ongoing relevant training and continuous professional development
  • a fostering allowance, to cover the costs of caring for a child or young person
  • a skills level payment for the carer, which reflects your experience and knowledge and the levels of support offered to the children in your care

Fostering service worker

As a foster carer you have your own Fostering Service social worker who will visit your family at least once a month. But if you both agree, these visits can be more often.

They can offer advice and talk to you about any problems you may have as a foster carer.

Your Fostering Service social worker is your main form of support and supervision. When you start fostering a supervision agreement is prepared detailing what your expectations are.


Training is vital for foster carers to develop the knowledge and skills needed to give a good standard of care for our looked after children.

New applicants must attend a three-day Skills to Foster training course. The course covers a range of fostering related subjects and gives you the opportunity to meet other foster carers.

Your foster carer training includes a workshop for your children. This workshop will help them understand the issues they may experience when children in need of care come to live with them.

The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network provides an independent service for foster carers to get advice and guidance on the service they are receiving.

We have purchased individual membership of The Fostering Network for all our foster carers.

If you have any concerns and would like individual independent advice there is a Fostering Network Advice, Information and Mediation (AIM) officer in the Aberdeenshire area who will be able to support you with any issues you may have.

Find out more

Our support and guidance leaflet covers many of the questions that you may have about fostering.