Pathway assessments, plans and coordinators

Pathway assessments

Before leaving care young people will have an assessment. This is called a pathways assessment. It is usually done by the young person’s social worker.

The assessment identifies the young person’s needs, and covers areas such as:

  • where they will live
  • their health
  • education and training
  • lifestyle and money

Pathway plans

A pathways plan is developed from the assessment. This plan identifies the types of support they need to help them live independently.

Pathway coordinators

Young people can be referred to the Throughcare and Aftercare service at:

  • 15 years old if they are looked after away from home
  • 15½ if they are looked after at home

Once they are referred they are given a service that meets their needs. Some may need a high level of service; while others they may not need or want ongoing social work support. The young person’s allocated worker is called their pathway coordinator or Throughcare worker.

Some young people do not want to have support once they leave care, and this is respected. However, they are eligible for the service until they are aged 19. Their plan is reviewed every six months. The young person is contacted to make sure they know they are still entitled to support if they so wish.