Supported Lodgings Scheme - information for young people

Who provides supported lodgings?

Supported lodgings hosts are recruited from the local community. They go through an assessment process which includes all the relevant checks. Everyone in the household has checks undertaken. 

The people who are approved as supported lodgings hosts know how hard it can be for young people when they are beginning to prepare themselves for independent living. 

How much choice would I have on where I go?

We would try to find you a home in an area of your choice, if possible. 

We would talk to you about the kind of household you would like to live in and make sure the match was right for you. 

Would I be able to meet the people I would be living with before I moved in?

You would have the opportunity to meet everyone in the household before you moved in to see whether you thought you were going to get on with them. 

If it was going ahead, you could meet them as many times as you like before you moved in. You could talk about what kind of support you would want and what house rules and agreements would need to be reached. 

How long would I be expected to stay in supported lodgings?

You could live in supported lodgings for up to two years, as long as you were fulfilling your occupancy agreement. 

Young people tend to be ready to move on at different times. Some will move into supported accommodation as the next step and some into their own self contained accommodation. However, this time is not fixed. When a young person feels ready to move on, they are supported to take the next step. 

What could I expect from supported lodgings?

You would:

  • Have your own room
  • Be given meals each day
  • Have a safe and secure place to live
  • Get support from the person or people you lived with 

What support would I get?

While in supported lodgings you would have someone to support you in the household. You would probably already have a social worker or Throughcare support worker who can help you. 

There would also be a supported lodgings social worker who arranges regular meetings and reviews to discuss how things are going between you and the host. Their job is also to make sure that everyone is clear about what is expected of them. 

What would my Throughcare support worker do?

Your support worker would help with any problems, make sure that you were happy and safe, and that your needs were being met. They would also support you to raise any issues you were unhappy with if you were unable to resolve them with your lodgings hosts. 

Your support worker would also need to tell the people who you live with any important information about you and your family background. 

Do I need to be in employment, training or further education?

Young people who benefit from living in supported lodgings are usually in employment, training or further education. 

Some supported lodgings hosts will make this a condition of the placement. 

What is an occupancy agreement?

Before moving into supported lodgings you would be involved in drawing up an occupancy agreement. This agreement is important because it sets down the general conditions you will need to reach agreement on with the supported lodgings host. 

You would meet to agree about things such as:

  • Friends visiting and staying over
  • Food - what you like and do not like
  • Going out - when you can and what time you should be back
  • Staying out - you may want to stay a few nights with family or friends
  • House rules

You would have to behave responsibly and treat people you live with as you would like them to treat you. 

Who else might live in a supported lodgings placement?

This is different in each home. Some of our householders are single people and others are couples or families. The most important thing is that you would be in a safe, friendly home. 

What about finances?

As with any form of accommodation you would be expected to make a contribution towards your board and lodgings. You would get full details well in advance of any placement. 

Further information

Remember, supported lodgings is a stepping stone. It can give you the opportunity to plan and prepare yourself for an eventual move into your own tenancy.

If you are interested and would like further information, please speak to your social worker or Throughcare support worker. They can arrange for you to meet with a social worker from the Supported Lodgings scheme.

You can also contact the Throughcare and Aftercare team on 01467 532727 or email