Supported Lodgings Scheme - information for hosts

What is supported lodgings?

It is accommodation with support for young people aged between 16 and 21 years old who have usually been in the care of the local authority. Those providing supported lodgings are called 'hosts' and young people in supported lodgings placements are referred to as 'tenants'. 

The scheme is a stepping stone to living more independently.

Who can apply?

Anyone in the community can apply to be considered for the scheme. 

You need to be in good health and not have anything in your background which would prevent you from keeping a young person free from risk of harm or abuse. 

You also need to have the right qualities to provide the best possible environment for a young person to develop skills for independent living.

What accommodation is required?

The tenant needs to have their own room and access to the communal areas of the house. They should have their own front door key.

How long will a placement last?

Placements can vary from between six months and two years. 

What kind of support do young people need?

This will vary between young people and can include:

  • Advising on budgeting and benefits
  • Helping with food shopping and cooking
  • Support with arranging and keeping appointments
  • Help to build relationships with family and friends 

What can supported lodgings hosts expect from the tenant?

There is an agreement drawn up with the host and the tenant where the house rules are agreed. This called an occupancy agreement. It includes areas such as the security of the property and the expected behaviour of the young person.

Both the host and the tenant will each have the support of their allocated worker during the placement.

How do I become a supported lodging host?

After the initial home visit, if progressing, applicants begin an assessment and approval process which includes medical, local authority and Disclosure Scotland checks. 

All those living in the household who will have regular contact with the tenant will also be required to undergo statutory checks. 

Assessments are normally completed within a six-month period and a report is presented for consideration to the Fostering, Kinship Care and Adult Placement (Supported Lodging) Panel.

How are placements arranged?

As soon as approved, you can be considered for a placement. 

If a potential tenant is identified, there will be a number of meetings to discuss whether the placement will be right for everyone involved and if this is agreed, the placement will go ahead with an occupancy agreement. 

There will be review meetings and regular support to both the tenant and the host.

What about finances?

The tenant is expected to make a financial contribution towards rent. 

In addition to this, we pay an allowance to you to cover accommodation, food and heating as well as the practical and emotional support you will be offering.

Further information 

Could you offer lodgings in your home for a young person aged between 16 to 21 and help them to gain the skills to live independently?

Do you enjoy a challenge and have experience of working with young people?

Can you offer a safe and secure home for a young person who has been in the care of the local authority?

Do you have a flexible approach and an understanding of the difficulties faced by young people?

Are you able to offer guidance and support to prepare young people for living independently? 

If you would like to find out more about becoming a supported lodgings provider please contact our Throughcare and Aftercare team on 01467 532727 or email