Vulnerable children and families

Our Children and Families teams deal with the issues and problems experienced by vulnerable children and families in our communities. There are diverse reasons why social work become involved with a family. It's usually because the needs of children aren't met in their home and community.

We work with children and their carers in a variety of ways:

  • meeting them individually, or in groups, to address difficulties they are experiencing
  • working with parents or carers to improve their abilities to look after their children
  • working with children where parental substance misuse exists or where children are at risk of harm

We work with children, parents and other services to make sure need assessments give people the help they require, when they need it.

Contact Children and Families team

Children and Families teams operate an appointment system. In emergency situations we'll respond as quickly as possible. You can phone, visit or write to your nearest Children and Families team if you:

  • urgently need help or any of the services we provide
  • are concerned or need advice about your own situation
  • are concerned or need advice about a child in your community
  • need information on the services for children in your area 

After office hours, you can phone our emergency out of hours service on 03456 08 12 06.

Find your local Children and Families team contact details. If you, or your child, have a disability making contacting us difficult, we can visit you at home, or somewhere you feel comfortable.