Burial Grounds

There are in excess of 200 burial grounds in Aberdeenshire managed and maintained by Landscape Services and a further 13 private burial grounds where interments can be arranged. Lairs can also be purchased (in burial grounds where capacity allows) by telephone or in person by appointment.

List of charges

effective from 1 April 2018

Purchase of Right of Burial

Purchase of Right of BurialResidentNon-resident
Full Interment Lair £881 £1,540
Casket Lair £541 £947

top of pageFull Interment Charges

Full Interment ChargesDaysResidentNon-resident

For persons 16 years and over

Latest arrival time 11.30 on Saturday

Monday to Friday £770 £1,538
Saturday £1,154 £2,307
Child aged 5 - 15 years   No charge No charge
Child up to 5 years   No charge No charge
Stillborn Child   No charge No charge

Cremated Remains (with or without casket)

Latest arrival time 11.30 on Saturday

Monday to Friday £226 £450
Saturday £340 £676
Interment of additional caskets in the same lair in one interment   £28 per additional casket
Scattering of Ashes   £48 £84
Testing a Lair or Trial Dig   £169 £295
Assistance of Gravedigger (intimated at time of booking)                 £59
Assistance of Gravedigger (no notice given)                 £117 
Surcharge for burials scheduled for after latest arrival time - at cost
Interment in a private burial ground or any location not managed by Aberdeenshire Council   Charged at cost
Disinterment of Remains   Charged at cost

Erection of Headstones and Memorial Plaques

  • Preparatory work for erection of headstone - resident £160, non resident £278
  • Preparatory work for commemorative plaque - resident £42, non resident £74
  • Granting permission where no foundation necessary - resident £35, non resident £62
  • Transfer of Lair Rights to a resident £87, to a non resident £746
  • Search of Records (per hour or part thereof) - £24
  • Duplicate Lair Certificate (plus cost of any necessary search) - £87

Note: The following interments only carried out by special arrangement.

Save in exceptional circumstances, no interments permitted on:

  • Saturdays after 11.30am
  • Sundays
  • 25 December
  • 1 January

All applications for such should be made to the Director of Infrastructure Services or his nominated representative.

Public Holidays and Sunday surcharge - 100%

  • Friday 30 March 2018
  • Monday 7 May 2018
  • Tuesday 25 December and Wednesday 26 December 2018
  • Tuesday 1 January and Wednesday 2 January 2019

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