Monuments and Memorials

Erection of Monuments and Memorials

Monuments may be erected only with the express authority of the lair holder and require official permission from Aberdeenshire Council. View fees associated with erecting monuments and memorials plaques.

The maximum dimensions permitted have been restricted for Health and Safety and planning reasons. Works to erect a monument must be undertaken by a registered monumental mason.

The maximum dimensions for a monument placed on a coffin lair should measure no more than 1.5 m high. The monument must not in any way encroach on neighbouring lairs.

Monuments on lairs for casket only burials will be no higher than 0.76 m and must not encroach on any other lairs.

Please note only stonemasons and undertakers can request a headstone permission.

Request a headstone permission

View the burial headstone approval privacy notice (PDF 152KB) to find out what we do with your information.

Responsibility for Maintenance

It is important to remember that the lair holder is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of any memorial erected upon a lair for the lifetime of that memorial. If the lair holder should pass away, the person taking on the lair will also inherit this responsibility.

It is worthwhile noting that memorials can be insured for maintenance purposes and against vandalism and the costs associated with this are very reasonable. Your monumental mason should be able to provide you with more details in relation to this service.

Ornamentation of Lairs

In order to minimise the risk of disturbance or distress to visitors to our burial grounds, the placing of moving, light or sound emitting objects is not permitted.  To ensure the safety or visitors, and to assist in the maintenance of the burial ground, railings, kerbs, corner stones, copes or globes or large plants or shrubs are not permitted in the lair space.  However, lairholders will be permitted to place small low growing plants or shrubs, vases, or suitable containers for flowers in the memorial border of the lair (in the area of ground at the head of the lair), such containers must be of sound construction and in good condition.


Due to the rural nature of the Aberdeenshire Council area our Cemeteries and Churchyards provide ideal habitats for a variety of plants and animals. Whilst the presence of birds, insects and wild flowers will enhance the surroundings, the effect of the burrowing activities of moles, grazing of voles, rabbits and deer can be upsetting for those who might not be aware of this.

We do try very to restrict these animals from entering our cemeteries. It is however impossible to completely eradicate the natural grazing activities of these animals from our cemeteries. We feel therefore that it is important to bring this matter to your attention in advance. You can help us to control this problem by always closing gates when entering or leaving our cemeteries.