Community Learning and Development

View current arrangements for Community Learning and Development (CLD) services during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Community Learning and Development (CLD) Service works to improve the communities and personal lives of people in the area:

CLD Service

The CLD Service sits within the wider Education and Children’s Service and aims to meet the expectations set by the CLD Standards Council for ScotlandOur staff work through informal learning to deliver positive change in communities and in the personal lives of those living and working in our council area and in particular where our services are most needed. Our service is targeted, this means that we do not work with everyone in the community.

We work to reduce inequalities in Aberdeenshire by:

  • improving life chances for individuals and families
  • supporting community groups and organisations
  • building strong and resilient communities

CLD plan

The Community Learning and Development (Scotland) regulations 2013 requires us to work with partners to produce an Aberdeenshire partnership plan. View our CLD plan and first year review.

Our work with young people

Through our early intervention approach, our work with young people supports them to develop a range of skills and encourages them to engage in their learning. These skills are particularly important for young people at key transitions in their lives.

We deliver youth work through:

  • Bridging the Gap which supports young people (particularly those who may need some additional support) at key transition stages such as moving from primary to secondary education
  • Move on Up which helps young people with transitions into the senior phase at school (S3 onwards) and to develop skills for learning, life and work
  • Youth Voice which helps young people to participate in decision making and to become active citizens 

View our work with young people guide (pdf 89KB).

Our work with adults

We support adult learners to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and creativity needed to make positive life choices. Along with this, we support economic growth and enhance health and wellbeing in Aberdeenshire. We encourage learners to improve their communication skills and participate in their local communities.

We provide parents and carers with assistance to support their children’s learning and increase their involvement in school life. We work with schools and other agencies to remove barriers to participation, learning and achievement. Where appropriate, we support learners to achieve SQA qualifications

We deliver our work with adults through:

  • Learning for Life which helps individuals develop the core skills while allowing them to participate fully in learning - this includes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and support for learners to improve their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Family Learning which is a targeted approach to supporting parents to help them achieve the best outcomes for their children 

View our work with adults guide (pdf 92.1KB).

Our work with communities

Communities can be a group of people in a particular location or a group of people with things in common. Our community development approach focuses on community engagement and community capacity building. 

We deliver our work with communities through: 

  • Knowing Communities which is working with communities to identify issues and gain a better understanding of emerging trends and needs
  • Growing Communities which is building on the strengths of community groups and organisations in meeting local needs by providing general and tailored training and support 

View our work with communities guide (pdf 80.1KB).


You can contact the Community Learning and Development team by emailing