Learning literacy skills with CLD

Improving your literacy and numeracy skills will increase your confidence and independence. You can also use these skills to help with family life, at the shops, bank, and at work.

Improving these skills will also help when paying bills, saving money, checking payslips, cooking, and helping with schoolwork. 

Learning with us can take place in community spaces or online. You will be able to learn in a small group or on a one-to-one basis with a tutor.

We can help you improve:

  • Reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Help with counting
  • How you handle money
  • Your understanding of time
  • How you work with calculations (for example, fractions and percentages)
  • How you use graphs and charts

You can work towards a qualification in Communication and Numeracy as part of this learning.

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