Health and wellbeing programmes for young people

In CLD we support young people by creating and running opportunities that promote positive health and wellbeing.

Peer Educators

In CLD we work with young people who are interested in becoming Peer Educators. Peer Education programmes encourage young people to research a topic of interest, take part in Peer Educator training and then develop their own programmes to deliver to other young people. Topics which have been covered in the past include social media, digital citizenship, friendships, transition, and Peer Educator sessions can take place as part of the school timetable.

Workshops in Personal and Social(PSE) classes

In CLD we work in secondary schools to deliver workshops as part of PSE classes. Examples of workshop topics: self-esteem, keeping yourself safe online, know your rights, how and where to access information on particular topics.

Mentors in Violence Prevention

Mentors in Violence Prevention trains young people to become peer mentors to increase awareness of bullying and gender-based violence.

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief peer-group for young people aged between 6 and 18 years. The programme is based on the belief that change, loss and grief are normal and valuable parts of life. It aims to produce a sense of resilience, personal growth and acceptance of change.

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