Supporting transition from primary school to secondary

In CLD we create opportunities aimed at young people who need it most, through times of transition during P6 to S2. We also contribute to the P7 to S1 transition by delivering interactive and fun learning opportunities with young people in primary schools, secondary schools and community facilities.

This programme offers opportunities for young people to work with other young people from different primary schools in their area, widen their friendship group, get to know the local CLD workers, and encourages a positive transition experience by reducing worries around moving to the secondary school.

Primary school to academy transition sessions

CLD workers visit primary schools to run sessions with Primary 7 pupils to support transitions from primary school to secondary school. These sessions sometimes bring smaller Primary 7 classes together from other schools to encourage getting to know other young people who will be attending their secondary school. These sessions are always fun, include important messages and develop strategies to build confidence and reduce worries about moving schools.

Secondary 1 support

S1 drop-ins are opportunities for new S1’s to make new friends and socialise with others during lunchtime or after school.

S1 groups focus on friendships, extra support for transition, or community projects to give young people an opportunity to explore new topics, be active in their communities or build new relationships.

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