Community council elections - nominations guidance

Community Councils of Aberdeenshire logoOn this page you can view our guidance note to help you complete the nomination form for community council elections.

Name of the community council

Please insert the name of the community council you wish to join.

Commonly used forenames

Please include any other forenames you may be known as.

Address, telephone and email

Your full address, telephone number and email address will remain private.

Electoral number

Please complete, this can be found on any polling card you may have received. If you required any assistance please contact the local area office on the telephone number provided.

Extra provisions

Some community councils allow people from outwith their area that have a strong link to the community to be part of the community council. There are a maximum of 2 spaces available for this provision. Where this is allowed it falls under the following criteria:

  • a) You are permanently employed in the community council area
  • b) You carry out regular self employed work in the community council area
  • c) You undertake regular voluntary work in the community council area
  • d) You own a business in the community council area
  • e) You own a second home in the community council area

If you fall within any of the above criteria and wish to nominate yourself for the community council concerned, you may submit a nomination form clearly showing which criteria you meet. The area office will check your eligibility and contact you to confirm if your nomination is valid.

Personal statement

Should a ballot be required a personal statement will be made available online for voters to view. This should be no more than 100 words and be a brief personal summary about yourself in support of your nomination form.

Privacy notice

Please read the privacy notice attached to the form. It explains the purpose for which personal data is collected and used, how the data is stored and for how long. Please confirm this has been read by marking with an X in the box.

Returning completed form

Once complete please sign and return the form via email to the area office. Alternatively hard copies can be posted. We will accept photos of completed forms via email or if you are having any issues with signing please contact the area office.