Communication with members of the community

Community Councils of Aberdeenshire logoCommunity councils can keep in touch with members of the community through a number of ways including email, newsletters, websites and social media. However, it is important that community councils remember that not everyone in their community may have access to the internet and provide their information in a format that is available to all.


Many community councils use website to promote their work, inform their community and to seek views on key issues. They can provide contact information to allow residents to know who their community councillors are and how to become involved with their work. Websites are more flexible and provide a useful place to publish minutes and agendas, to publicise meetings and to undertake consultations.

Social media

Social media can bring many great benefits and provides a means to share information easily and quickly, but is limited with its functionality. Because most people use social networks once in a while and a lot use them every day, they are an excellent way of reaching a large audience. Community councils should be sharing stories and reports about the work they carry out: this will encourage others to become involved and it is important that the wider community is aware of the work of their community councils.


If you do not already have a community council email address, it is a good idea to create one. It separates out community council communications from personal e-mails and provides continuity of contact information when officer bearers change.