Complain about a community council

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If you are dissatisfied, or have concerns, about the behaviour of your community council or one or more of its members, these can be reported through the community council complaints process.

Community councils should aim to represent all people in the area without prejudice, they are non-party political and non-sectarian.

Community council members must adhere to the community council code of conduct (PDF 157KB).

Who can complain

Anyone who has concerns about the conduct and behaviour of the community council or its members can make a complaint.

What you can complain about

You can complain about things such as:

  • the behaviour of office bearers
  • your treatment by, or attitude of, a community councillor when dealing with a community council issue or representing the community council
  • breaches of the scheme for the establishment of community councils
  • financial irregularities and fraud
  • breaching of confidentiality
  • misuse of community council social media, email or letters for the purpose of personal or financial gain
  • bringing the community council into disrepute
  • statutory processes undertaken by the community council

This is not an exhaustive list and complaints may cover more than one issue. 

You cannot complain about:

  • decisions made by Aberdeenshire Council
  • the outcome of decisions on whether to submit representations on planning applications
  • the behaviour of individual community councillor when not representing the community council 

How to raise a complaint 

If your complaint is about an individual or a number of members of the community council you can complain by email, or in writing, to any of the office bearers in your community council. If the complaint is about all of the office bearers when you can write to another community councillor.

If your complaint is about the conduct of the entire community council your complaint should be sent to the relevant area manager.

It is easier to resolve issues if they are highlighted at the time as this may allow the community council to resolve any problems on the spot. If this is not possible it is important that any written concerns are submitted as soon as possible.

You can contact your community council directly.

When complaining provide:

  • your full name, address and email
  • as many details as possible about the complaint
  • any supporting documentation
  • what has gone wrong
  • how you want us to resolve the matter

How long you have to make a complaint

You must make any complaints within 6 months of the issue taking place. We recommend that any complaints are made as soon as possible. 

How we handle your complaint

Our full community council complaints and review procedure (PDF 193KB) details the timeline for review of all complaints, as well as how we review any decisions that are requested to be reviewed after an initial decision.

Unacceptable behaviour

Our unacceptable behaviour guidance (PDF 106KB) lays out when members of our community council can cease to communicate or engage with a member of the public on a certain issue, or for a specific period of time.