Flies and Tactics

allhooksThis information applies to all of the featured beats and local information can be gained through the local fishing tackle shops.

Spey Cast

On wooded sections of the beats the ability to Spey cast will enhance one's chance of a salmon.

During the early months of the season and in high water, use a 12' – 15' rod. This will enable you to cover the lies and to gain control of a lively salmon.

In summer months and for trout fishing, a rod up to 10' is adequate.


  • Salmon Fliesorange_hook
    Stoats Tail, Munro Killer, Willie Gunn, Shrimp Flies and Garry Dog
  • Trout Flies
    Greenwells Glory, March Brown, Blue Dun or Wickhams Fancy – all wet or dry
  • Salmon Lures
    Wooden Devons, Flying "C", Rapalas

N.B. Maximum of one treble hook per lure











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