Alford River Don fishing terms and conditions

When you fish salmon, sea and brown trout in the River Don at Alford, there are a number of rules that you need to follow. 

You may be liable to prosecution or immediate loss of permit if you don't comply with our conditions.  

We reserve the right to amend or make additions to these rules. View our formal fishing permit conditions (pdf 71KB).

To comply with our terms and conditions, please:

  • buy a permit from us before fishing
  • prevent illegal fishing or poaching as much as possible
  • keep to fishing paths and don't take dogs
  • allow Bailiffs, River Watchers, Wardens or anyone with Aberdeenshire Council authority to inspect your permit, identification, fishing equipment and any fish you have
  • don't take or kill any fish under 12 inches in length, salmon of any size or brown trout of over 18 inches - if you catch these you must return them alive to the water
  • don't fish using worm or other natural bait
  • hold your rod at all times
  • report all the fish you catch within the deadlines 
  • respect others' property, take care of crops and fences, leave gates as you find them, don't set fires and take your litter with you
  • don't occupy a pool when other anglers are following and don't cut in front of others for at least 50 metres
  • a permit is only valid for the person named on it and is not transferable - please carry identification with you at all times (photographic ID for season permit holders)
  • return all foul-hooked fish to the water alive
  • you can fish brown trout from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset 
  • don't fish sea trout at night before the month of May
  • don't wade through the water beyond a 3rd of the river's width
  • have a maximum of one treble hook on each lure
  • don't use fishing lines with a breaking strain of over 6 pounds or 2.72 kilos when fishing for brown trout only

On Sundays, you can only fish for brown trout using fly. You can't fish for salmon or sea trout. 

You can kill and keep a maximum of:

  • 1 sea trout per day or 2 per season
  • 2 brown trout per day and 8 per season (between 12 and 18 inches)

You mustn't kill or keep salmon that you catch on the River Don. This is a criminal offence. Please return salmon carefully to the water. 

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