Whole Family Wellbeing Funding

In Scotland, Whole Family Support is widely understood to be a range of services to help families meet their individual needs. By providing the right advice and support in the right way at the right time we aim to improve families’ wellbeing and enable them to prevent or reduce crisis. The support is provided by a range of organisations (such as agencies, professionals, the third sector, trusted partners).

Family support services should take account of The Promise. It highlights the importance of stigma-free access to effective universal and intensive family support with early intervention and prevention at its core.

Whole family wellbeing is one of the five priorities in the Aberdeenshire Children’s Service Plan and will be promoted and improved by supporting families to get the right support early and effectively.

Aberdeenshire Whole Family Wellbeing Hubs

We would like to invite groups, organisations and services interested in working alongside families to support transformational change in the Peterhead and Fraserburgh areas, linking with the Whole Family Wellbeing Hubs.

Our ambition in Aberdeenshire is to create capability rather than manage dependence; the Hubs must be open, because all of us need help at some stage in our lives and when we are thriving many of us have help to offer; the Hubs must create possibility rather than seek only to manage risk and it must include everyone, thereby fostering connections and relationships that make good lives possible. Participation must be easy, intuitive, and natural and to do this the Hubs must exist within communities and understand the problems and the possibilities from an everyday and place-based perspective.

Apply for funding

The application process is now open and will close on 31st July 2024.

This allocation of funding will cover the period 1st September to 27th March 2026. Following feedback from Round 1, we have 3 tiers of funding available for this period:

  • Up to £5,000
  • Between £5,001 and £50,000
  • Between £50,001 and £175,000

Applications can be made for the delivery of services or activities in Aberdeenshire that meet the criteria. This funding cannot be used to supplement or sustain existing services. For the criteria and further details, please view the the relevant guidance document.

Guidance and application forms

Up to £5,000:

Between £5,001 and £50,000:

Between £50,001 and £175,000:

View the Whole Family Wellbeing Funding privacy notice (PDF 185KB) to find out what we do with your information.