Have your say: budget proposals 2017/18

As part of our budget planning for 2017/18, a set of infographics was developed and used to seek your views on a range of service themes.

Each of them painted a picture of a different part of council budget-setting. For example, there was a section on the pressures that the council faces, one which focused on Council Tax, and one which laid out some future opportunities.

For each proposal there was a survey with a short set of questions to give you the opportunity to make your voice heard.

The results were passed to Councillors who, in turn, used them to inform their decision-making for the coming financial year.

Our budget for 2017/18 was set on Thursday, February 9. 

Your views: the results

All of the responses and comments you sent us have been looked at in detail and a summary of these can be found in this budget engagement analysis (pdf 35 kb) report.

You can also view the results for each theme as below, including the original infographic, the summary results, and the full survey data.

Budget pressures proposal logo

Pressures on our services

View pressures on services (infographic) (pdf 186kb)

View pressures on services (summary results) (pdf 21kb)

View pressures on services (survey data) (xls 262kb)


Identifying savings proposal logoIdentifying savings

View savings (infographic) (pdf 153kb)

View savings (summary results) (pdf 370kb)

View savings (survey data) (xls 345kb)


Council Tax proposal logoCouncil Tax

View Council Tax (infographic) (pdf 216kb)

View Council Tax (summary results) (pdf 22kb)

View Council Tax (survey data) (xls 209kb)


Future of sports and cultural services proposal logoSports and cultural services

View sports and culture (infographic) (pdf 197 kb)

View sports and culture (summary results) (pdf 248kb)

View sports and culture (survey data) (xls 18kb)

Invest in our communities proposal logoInvesting in our communities

View communities (infographic) (pdf 162 kb)

View communities (summary results) (pdf 21kb)

View communities (survey data) (xls 122kb)


Increasing efficiency proposal logoIncreasing efficiency

View efficiency (infographic) (pdf 183kb)

View efficiency (summary results) (pdf 22kb)

View efficiency (survey data) (xls kb)


Income generation proposal logoIncome generation 

View income generation (infographic) (pdf 157kb)

View income generation (summary results) (pdf 24kb)

View income generation (survey data) (xls 236kb)