Common good property

Common good property is property owned by the council, which was inherited from one of the former 17 burgh councils situated within Aberdeenshire. Not all former burgh property is common good. Establishing what property is common good can only be determined by researching the fact and circumstances of its acquisition and its subsequent use.

Once a property is established as common good there are certain legal processes that need to be followed when considering change of use, selling or leasing it on the open market or via community asset transfer.

These legal processes are:

View common good property guidance on the Scottish Government website.

Statutory consultation

Disposal of common good land – for lease at Banchory Skatepark, Bellfield Park, Banchory

We ran a consultation on the proposal to lease land within Bellfield Park in Banchory for a period not exceeding 25 years. This was to allow Banchory Skatepark Group (BSG) to construct and manage a new skatepark facility. The consultation ran from 11th February to 8th April 2019.

Representations to this consultation were considered at Marr Area Committee on 7th May 2019. You can view the committee report (pdf 1.18MB) and the consultation representations and responses.

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