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Strategic focus

Aberdeenshire Council will focus on those priorities which, over the long term are important to Aberdeenshire and will improve outcomes for our communities.

Following the formation of the new council in May 2017, the strategic priorities were identified through political direction and an evidence based approach - articulated in the strategic assessment.

We undertook significant engagement across Aberdeenshire asking what was most important in helping us to achieve our ambitions.

In addition to identifying what our priorities should be, communities gave us some clear messages regarding what they felt we should be doing each and every day.

CP4-Increasing Attainment.jpgEffective communication

It is important that we continue to talk to each other and we commit to honest and transparent two-way communications.



CP7-Poverty and Equalities.jpgCommunity involvement

Communities want to be more involved in the decision-making process around how services are delivered in their area. We will provide opportunities for groups and individuals to have a voice on how things are done and have the potential to play a greater role to play in their own community.


CP9-Right People.jpgReal partnership working

We will improve how we work together with partners and focus on outcomes.



CP5-Health and Welbeing.jpgMaintain or improve our infrastructure, facilities, services

Communities felt strongly about improvements to transport infrastructure, the need for the right housing mix and improving digital connectivity. These have been incorporated into our strategic priorities. Another theme important to residents was the protection and enhancement of our natural landscape, supported by a sustainable planning policy and framework. We are clear that our role is to protect this for generations to come.


All Icons Dark Red_People dark red-13.pngGood governance and scrutiny

We want you to have confidence in how we make decisions. We have officers working in a clearly defined and transparent manner. The framework we use ensures both the organisation and councillors are accountable. The way we make financial and service delivery decisions is continually scrutinised and governed, both internally and externally.