Couple walking on stonehaven beach

Aberdeenshire - from mountain to sea, the very best of Scotland

Aberdeenshire Council serves more than 260,000 residents, by delivering high quality services, spending money wisely and planning services that will sustain our communities both now, during these challenging times, and in the future.

Whilst the immediate landscape is uncertain Aberdeenshire Council remains well-placed to respond to the challenges.

There are many factors which will influence how we, as an organisation, respond to the current circumstances – and our economy is central to this. Aberdeenshire’s economy, like others, has been hard hit by the pandemic, with the implications of Brexit still to be determined, an economy still heavily reliant on the energy sector and a strong focus on tourism and hospitality.

Despite fluctuating oil prices resulting in significant job losses, adversely affecting the local housing market and hospitality industry, the area has consistently experienced above average rates of population growth, business growth and enterprise growth compared to most major regions. The strength of public and private sector partnerships is a major strength for the region.

Aberdeenshire Council is committed to making the region more attractive to visitors and investors, as well as current and prospective residents. This entails, among other things, continuing to improve infrastructure (roads and bridges, digital, transport and housing), and ensuring future skills requirements are met in an age of increasing automation. Aberdeenshire Council was the first in Scotland to develop and approve a Carbon Budget, underpinning its commitment to tackling climate change, and has recently agreed a circular economy commitment.