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Council plan - commitment

There have been numerous challenges for Aberdeenshire Council since the roll out of our Council Plan in 2017, the most notable being the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent effects that this has had on our residents and communities.

Over the past six months, Aberdeenshire Council employees have worked tirelessly with partners and our communities during these difficult times and I am incredibly proud of how we have come together in our response.

Due to historical investment in IT systems and flexibility of working practices adopted in previous years, technology enabled many staff – office and school based – to continue to provide services with flexibility. We were also one of the only Councils in Scotland able to sustain democratic decision-making, immediately shifting from physical to virtual committee and Council meetings. 

Collaboration between Council services and the huge efforts of our communities ensured sustained delivery of critical frontline services during lockdown, including support for those who needed it the most. This is something that we can all be very proud of and is the hallmark of Aberdeenshire.

The pandemic has required us to further consider how we deliver our services and we have adjusted and adapted our approaches to respond to demand, with an emphasis on collaborative partnership working and with a renewed focus on local issues. New strategic priorities were agreed by our Councillors in July 2020 and we are now developing our Service Plans capitalising on the approach, resilience and enthusiasm demonstrated since March 2020. 

Although none of us can predict what the future holds, there are inevitable changes to come. I am confident that our employees will utilise the resilience and enthusiasm shown over the last six months to embed the new plan with a renewed commitment to residents and communities.

Jim Savege
Chief Executive