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Council priorities

As a result of our evidence based approach, supported by the extensive community engagement, we believe that the priorities set out here provide Aberdeenshire Council with the best chance of meeting our ambitions over the next five years.

Through the delivery of our priorities and resulting Service Plans, we will ensure that Aberdeenshire continues to be seen, both within and out-with our area, as a welcoming place which enables everyone in our communities to build and live fulfilled lives.

Focus for 2017 - 2022

CP1-Strong Economy.jpg

Support a strong, sustainable, diverse and successful economy




CP2-Transport and Digital Infrastructure.jpg

Have the best possible transport and digital links across our communities




CP4-Increasing Attainment.jpg

Provide the best life chances for all our children and young people by raising levels of attainment and achievement




CP3-Supporting Children Development.jpg

Work with parents and carers to support children through every stage of their development




CP5-Health and Welbeing.jpg

Encourage active lifestyles and promote well-being with a focus on obesity and mental health





Have the right mix of housing across all of Aberdeenshire





Support the delivery of the Health and Social Care strategic plan




CP7-Poverty and Equalities.jpg

Work to reduce poverty and inequalities within our communities




CP8-Long Term Financial Plan.jpg

Deliver responsible, long-term financial planning




CP9-Right People.jpg

Have the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time




CP10-Carbon Emissions.jpg

Protect our special environment, including tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions



The development of plans, actions, performance indicators and measures of success, to deliver the priorities will continue to be progressed between November 2017 and February 2018. This final phase of development will focus on clear plans to deliver on the priorities and the governance, performance, and scrutiny arrangements for the council plan.

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