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Delivering our priorities across services

Over the next few years, we will sharpen the focus on our Priorities. Services are likely to look very different to how they are now, and we will have to take significant cost out of the organisation in order to deliver our Medium-Term Financial Strategy and continue to balance the books.

In order to do this, we have set out how we will support the delivery of our priorities and what we’ll be focusing on in the future. This will be supported by a monitoring and evaluation framework.

Strategic Priority  Council Priority
Education, Health and wellbeing, Economy and enterprise To secure continuous improvement in outcomes for ALL children and young people
Education, Health and wellbeing, Economy and enterprise To have better, integrated working arrangements in pursuit of improved outcomes for children and young people
Education, Estate modernisation, Health and wellbeing, Economy and enterprise Efficient and effective business support, advice and regulation
Resilient communities Effective delivery of the Council’s priorities through a programme of digital innovation and web based services
Health and wellbeing Our workforce plans are sustainable, affordable and supports employee wellbeing
Economy and enterprise Income is maximised through reducing costs alongside commercialisation
Estate modernisation We have an estate that is sustainable, efficient and fit for purpose
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities To protect and support public health, community mental and physical health and build community resilience as we adapt to live with COVID-19
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Open spaces that encourage active, healthy lifestyles
Infrastructure, Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities A road and street-lighting network which keeps people safe, encourages active lifestyles and increases active travel opportunities
Infrastructure, Resilient communities Ensuring that residents and business across Aberdeenshire are prepared to adapt to effects of climate change including the risk of flooding
Infrastructure, Health and wellbeing Waste and recycling service which supports our attractive environment and reduces emissions
Infrastructure, Economy and enterprise Keeping communities connected through the provision of an affordable, reliable and well-connected passenger transport service
Infrastructure, Health and wellbeing It’s easy and safe to move around local areas using good-quality active travel routes, streets and roads
Infrastructure, Economy and enterprise Safeguard the built and natural environment
Resilient communities, Economy and enterprise Placemaking to meet the current and future needs of communities through Participatory Budgeting and Asset Transfer and other ways of supporting communities to help themselves, enabling community wealth building that supports local economic opportunities
Resilient communities, Economy and enterprise A location of choice that has a diverse economic base of innovative companies with a skilled workforce and return to full employment
Resilient communities, Economy and enterprise The gap between economic, environmental and social outcomes in Banff, Macduff, Fraserburgh and Peterhead and the Aberdeenshire average is closed and other towns at risk have avoided becoming regeneration priorities
Economy and enterprise Supporting Aberdeenshire businesses through pandemic, Brexit and energy transition
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities, Economy and enterprise Consumers are assured that businesses are conforming to regulations.
Businesses are supported to ensure compliance with legislation, economic diversification and energy transition
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Develop existing partnerships and build new ones with our key stakeholders
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Community-based services are delivered in health and social care
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Person-centred care is delivered in a sustainable way
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Appropriate support is provided for those who are facing homelessness
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Everyone having access to appropriate accommodation and housing support where required
Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities Tenancies are sustained/community capacity building Communities feel empowered and enabled
Education, Health and wellbeing, Resilient communities, Estate modernisation People are supported to live healthy active lifestyles focused on Live Life Outdoors, Live Life Well and Live Life at home