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How are we going to do things differently

This is a renewal plan for Aberdeenshire; the focus is on exploring how we plan to do things differently, working alongside communities, to ensure we continue to deliver high quality services.

The priorities will inform our Medium-Term Financial Strategy and Carbon Budget, helping us to focus resources where the need is greatest. It will set out how services will adapt to work within the budget available, and what services can reduce or stop altogether.

In order to do things differently, we will:

Focus on digital

Digital technologies have been fundamental to the business continuity of the Council in our response to COVID-19. Digital is a primary focus for the Council in delivering the new priorities and we are actively looking at how we can channel technologies to improve our business, enable economic growth, support the environment and benefit residents while at the same time ensuring that no one is left behind. 

Focus on working towards full cost recovery

The financial challenges faced by the Council have been inflamed by COVID-19 forcing us to actively consider and review our charging policy. In order to present a balanced budget the Council will work towards full cost recovery - ensuring that we recoup the cost of the service we are delivering wherever possible.

Focus on commercialisation

We need to protect our valuable frontline services and ensure positive outcomes for local communities. To do this we are working innovatively to develop a more commercial approach to our activities.

Focus on communities

We need to explore new ways of working with our communities to deliver on local priorities.

Focus on services not buildings

The range of issues faced by the Council requires us to develop new models for service delivery, often in conjunction with our partners and utilising new technologies. In order to maintain those vital services which address the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities, we will move to self-service coupled with building personal and community resilience. 

Focus on climate change, green renewal and circular economy

We need to protect our valuable natural resources and facilitate growth of the green economy by developing spatial and economic strategies that promote sustainable growth without contributing to the effects of climate change in Aberdeenshire.