Council plan

Resilient communities

Needle's Eye rock in Tarlair

  •  Develop and implement a Place Strategy that considers the current and future needs of communities
  • Support communities to help themselves and encourage and assist in the delivery of community priorities
  • Improve the life chances of people at risk of falling into poverty, or already living in poverty
  • Promote greater participation by communities in decisions that impact them

Key measures

  • Number of communities with a live or in-development Place Plan
  • number of communities with active community councils
  • percentage of children living in absolute low income families
  • increased number of households supported through the roll-out of income maximisation, money advice and welfare rights accessibility approach
  • total benefit claims each month (housing, Council Tax reduction)
  • energy efficiency measures installed in private sector housing and social sector housing
  • households assisted to maximise their income
  • percentage of revenue budget allocated via Participatory Budget