Needles eye at Tarlair

Strategic focus

The Council does not work alone in its vision to support the communities and businesses of Aberdeenshire. It is part of a robust network of partners that collectively work towards the Community Planning Partnership vision to achieve the ‘best quality of life for everyone in Aberdeenshire’.

The work of the Council is central to this partnership and our new priorities will provide renewed focus, ambition and drive to improve outcomes for our communities.

How we deliver our daily business and serve our communities is grounded fundamentally in being an efficient and ethical organisation. We are entrusted with spending public money in the best way possible and this comes with significant responsibilities – to work together with our communities to achieve agreed outcomes, to spend money wisely, to uphold values of equity and fairness, to minimise our impact on the environment, to protect those most vulnerable in our communities and keep them safe from harm and to work in partnership with others.

The Council’s new strategic priorities were identified through political direction and an evidence-based approach - articulated in the full Aberdeenshire Strategic Assessment 2020/21 and agreed by Full Council in July 2020.

In addition to identifying what our Council priorities should be, community impact assessments are being undertaken to identify the effect COVID-19 has had on individual communities in Aberdeenshire and to assist with future planning.