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Strategic framework

This framework ensures that all Council plans and strategies are focused on the delivery of a single shared vision for Aberdeenshire and our services.

It supports the overarching framework for Scotland and the vision for the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership.

The framework is critical in ensuring activity is co-ordinated via a ‘golden thread’ providing a clear direction and linking individual staff objectives through to team and service plans, and into the Council Plan. A performance framework will support this activity to provide assurance that progress is being made in delivering the outcomes. 

Council plan strategic framework flowchart

  • Aberdeenshire Vision – sets out the long-term vision for Aberdeenshire, shared by the Council, its partners and our citizens
  • Council plan – this document, describing how the Council will achieve its vision and setting out the aims and outcomes that drive our work
  • Service plans – describing the contribution of each Council directorate to the delivery of our Council plan outcomes, our change and service improvement priorities
  • Area plans - describing how our Council plan and community planning outcomes, change and improvement will be approached in each area
  • Team plans – specific actions to support delivery of the service plans by each team
  • Personal performance plans – links individual work plans to the Council priorities so that individuals can identify how they are contributing to the delivery of the priorities