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Strategic priorities

The Council has significant work to address the impacts on our communities and businesses facing us today, from COVID-19, Brexit, the economic crisis and climate change. The budgetary impact on the Council and, therefore, in turn to the communities we serve is one we must respond to through decisive action.

Our new strategic priorities better reflect the current challenges being faced by the Council and inform the new Medium-Term Financial Strategy in order to address what we know will be a significant financial shortfall as a direct result of this pandemic.

We believe that the strategic priorities set out here provide Aberdeenshire Council with the best chance of meeting our ambitions over the next two years.

The six strategic priorities shown in three pillars

The six strategic priorities sit under three pillars which are: Our People, Our Environment, Our Economy.

The priorities under Our People are Education and Health and Wellbeing.

The priorities under Our Environment are Infrastructure and Resilient Communities.

The priorities under Our Economy are Economy and Enterprise and Estate Modernisation.

Underpinning the Priorities are a number of key principles. They are: right people, right places, right time; responsible finances; climate and sustainability; Community Planning Partnership Local Outcome Improvement Plans; human rights and public protection; tackling poverty and inequalities; digital infrastructure and economy.