Road worker holding traffic cones and smiling

The impact of COVID-19 on our budget and services

Aberdeenshire Council is a large organisation, with 16,000 employees and delivering hundreds of local services for the benefit of our communities. Our services include nursery, primary and secondary education, health and social care services, maintaining roads and transport, waste and street cleaning, housing, business support, libraries and leisure services to name a few.

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on Council budgets which will be felt for years.

By September 2020 we have £13.1 million less than we should have at that point in the year, through lost income, unexpected costs and savings we can’t deliver. This could result in a gap of up to £30 million for this year.

During the pandemic, the majority of our services have continued, albeit with new working arrangements to keep our staff and communities safe. Whilst managing our usual activities, we supported key workers with childcare, provided assistance to those in greatest need through food and medicine deliveries, provided funding for community groups and awarded millions in business support grants. All this was done to protect and support our business and communities in line with public health advice.