Provost of Aberdeenshire

The Provost is Aberdeenshire's first citizen and civic head of Aberdeenshire. Their role is wide ranging, involving all sectors of the local community and representing Aberdeenshire at local, national and international events.

The Provost is keen to attend events and activities taking place across Aberdeenshire or where Aberdeenshire is being promoted outside the area. 

Civic head

Civic head essentially means our ceremonial head. The Provost is the formal representative of the council and Aberdeenshire when meeting visiting dignitaries, hosting council functions and attending external events.

The Provost will also:

  • promote Aberdeenshire to the wider community through public appearances at social, community, cultural and business events and through the media
  • encourage networks with other organisations in both the private and public sectors to enhance the development of Aberdeenshire
  • recognise special achievements of local people and organisations

Among their many roles, the Provost chairs meetings of the full council which convene at Woodhill House in Aberdeen every six weeks.

The Provost is keen to be invited to projects and activities taking place across Aberdeenshire and welcomes invitations to attend local and regional events.

Any concerns about local services or issues relating to council services should be directed to your local councillor.

Invite the Provost to your event

The Provost of Aberdeenshire is keen to attend events and activities taking place across Aberdeenshire or where Aberdeenshire is being promoted at events or shows outside the area.

Country shows, charity work, business expansion, new initiatives, staff awards - whatever it is that makes you proud about Aberdeenshire - make sure you invite the Provost to be part of it and celebrate with you.

To invite the Provost to your event, fill out and submit the form below, making sure your response is as detailed as possible.

The Provost's diary is busy and advanced notice increases the chance that the Provost will be available. Please ensure that an invitation is submitted at least six weeks prior to the event.

Request the Provost's attendance at your event

Event planners

Following receipt of an invitation to an event, the Provost's office will review your request and get back to you using the email address listed on the form. All communication related to the event will be channelled through that person.

If the Provost is able to participate in your event, you will be asked to provide the following information. This information will be due no later than ten calendar days prior to the event.

  • Executive briefing
  • Draft speech
  • Guest list

If you plan to have a photographer at the event, please let us know and share the photos with us within a week after the event.


The following points of protocol are designed as a guide for anyone inviting the Provost to an engagement.

  1. Part of the Provost's role is to have a high profile at local, civic and community events and she welcomes invitations to attend such events. Please note however that the Provost has a very busy schedule. While she is keen to attend as many events as possible, she may be unable to attend. If this is the case, every effort will be made for the Deputy Provost to attend. If neither the Provost nor the Deputy Provost can attend, every endeavour will be made to find someone suitable to attend the event.
  2. Please ensure that when the Provost arrives, she is met by an official of the organisation holding the function. She should be introduced to the President, Chair or whoever acts as host, unless she is being introduced to the assembled company immediately.
  3. When greeting the Provost, the formal verbal address to be used is Provost Whyte.
  4. Please ensure the Provost is introduced to other guests and is not left on her own for the duration of the visit.
  5. Please ensure that appropriate seating is reserved for the Provost.
  6. The Provost's position is non-political and does not give prominence to any one political party. Her position should be respected as such with no attempts made to lobby her. Please refer any issues of concern to Aberdeenshire Council or your ward councillors.
  7. A parking space should be allocated for the Provost's vehicle ahead of her arrival at the venue.

Contact the Provost's office

To send invitations to the Provost of Aberdeenshire and for further information, please contact the Provost's office: 

Provost's Office
c/o Karen Beagan
Aberdeenshire Council
Woodhill House
Westburn Road
AB16 5GB

Telephone: 01467 533467
Twitter: @provostabdnshre