Community Council Pilot Project (CCPP) Elections 2013

A Schools Election project, organised by the Council’s Electoral Participation Sub-Group and involving Ellon Academy, Ellon Community Council and Foveran Community Council, has just reached a successful conclusion.

Youth Election Representatives

From left: Christian Alland (MSP), Aqib Pervaiz, Brittany Langley, Colin D Mackenzie (Chief Executive, Aberdeenshire Council), Ross Purdie, Natasha Haggart, Daniel Hook, Brian Simpson.

Pupils resident in these areas had the opportunity to put themselves forward for election on Wednesday, 19th June 2013, with only those pupils at the school resident within the same community council areas being eligible to vote. Successful election candidates will be co-opted onto the community councils as full members for a one-year term. The election count took place at Ellon Academy on Friday, 21st June 2013 with all the results declared by the Council’s Returning Officer and Chief Executive, Colin Mackenzie.

Allan BellAllan Bell, Elections Coordinator, Aberdeenshire Council:

"Our continuing aim is to raise awareness among young people of the importance of voting and engaging in democracy. One way of doing this is to encourage levels of youth participation and representation on community councils. Through a project like this, we hope to extend the involvement of young people on community councils across Aberdeenshire and to increase understanding of the importance of the work of community councils”.


Donald Morrison, Ellon Academy:Donald Morrison

“Our pupils are involved in the project at every stage - nominating their own candidates, running their own campaigns, staffing polling stations and counting votes. As their teachers, we work with them in the run-up to the elections, discussing the nature of these and other types of elections, explaining how to formulate manifestos and highlighting differences in voting systems. In wider terms, these elections provide opportunities to promote literacy, numeracy, joint working and civic participation”.

The Community Council Pilot Project Elections afforded pupils a vote for a candidate in their own school and within their own communities, helping to give a voice to young people. All of the pupils involved will be reaching the age of majority over the next few years and so the electoral process has been designed to be as realistic as possible, involving the Aberdeenshire Elections Team, the Education, Learning and Leisure Service, and the Electoral Registration Officer. Authentic equipment and procedures were at the heart of the project.

Election Results

Ellon Academy:

Ellon Community Council (PDF 19KB)
Foveran Community Council (PDF 17KB)
Slains and Collieston Community Council (PDF 17KB)

Meldrum Academy:

Udny Community Council (PDF 18KB)
Fyvie, Rothienorman and Monquhitter Community Council (PDF 18KB)

Candidates and their manifestos:

Election of pupils to serve as co-opted members of Ellon Community Council: 

Natasha Haggart (manifesto PDF 60KB)
Brittany Langley (manifesto PDF 56KB)
Aqib Pervaiz (manifesto PDF 65KB)
Ross Purdie (manifesto PDF 74KB)

Election of pupils to serve as co-opted members of Foveran Community Council:

Daniel Hook (manifesto PDF 27KB)
Brian Simpson (manifesto PDF 151KB)

Candidates and their posters:

Election of pupils to serve as co-opted members of Ellon Community Council:

Natasha Haggart (poster PDF 730KB)
Brittany Langley (poster PDF 119KB)
Ross Purdie (poster PDF 222KB)

Candidates and their election messages:

Natasha Haggart (election message PDF 133KB)

Notices of elections can be found here:

Notice of Election_Ellon CC (PDF 5KB)
Notice of Election_Foveran CC (PDF 7KB)
Notice of Election Fyvie, Rothienorman and Monquhitter CC (PDF 12KB)
Notice of Election Slains and Collieston(PDF 12KB)
Notice of Election_Udny CC (PDF 5KB)

Nomination Pack:

For more information please contact our Election Team.