Local Government Elections 2012 - Ward 2, Troup

3 Seats

Candidate Party         Result    
        John DUNCAN                 Scottish Conservative and Unionist           Elected at stage 7    
        Mark FINDLATER                 Independent          Elected at stage 7    
        Hamish PARTRIDGE                 Scottish National Party (SNP)          Elected at stage 1    
        Alan DUFFILL                 Scottish Labour Party          Eliminated at stage 4    
        Sandy LESLIE                 Scottish Liberal Democrats               Eliminated at stage 2    
        Sydney MAIR                 Independent              Eliminated at stage 5    
        Bill REBECCA                 Independent           Eliminated at stage 3  
        Bob WATSON                 Scottish National Party (SNP)          Eliminated at stage 6    

Turnout: 37.35%

The name of each ballot box is the same as the number of the polling station from which it came.  The number of each polling station can be found in the Notice of Situation of Polling Places (PDF 43KB)