General Election 2019

UK Parliamentary General Election will be held on Thursday, 12th December 2019 to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) to the UK Parliament.



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All poll cards and postal packs will be issued by Royal Mail on the following dates:

  • poll cards - Wednesday 20th November 2019
  • overseas postal packs - Monday 25th November 2019
  • first run of postal packs (for voters registered by Friday 1st November 2019) - Wednesday 27th November 2019
  • final postal packs and poll cards (for voters registered by Tuesday 16th November 2019) - Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Candidates and election agents

A pre-nomination briefing session for candidates and election agents took place on Thursday, 7th November 2019 at 2pm in Woodhill House, Committee Room B, Aberdeen.


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