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To take part in any election, you must be listed on the electoral register for the area in which you live. You can usually check the register in your local library, council office, or by contacting the Electoral Registration Office in your area. If you are not on the electoral roll, you can be added at any time, subject to a few conditions.

The Electoral Register

The canvass for the Electoral Register takes place between 1 August and 1 December. A new Register is published on 1 December.

If you are not registered or if you change address during the course of the year, you can register online at GOV.UK website.

The date at which you will be added to the Register depends on the point in the month at which you apply. Normally it will take between two and six weeks. Special rules apply during the canvass period.

The Register of Electors is maintained by the Grampian Electoral Registration Officer.  

The Right to Vote

Information on the right to vote can be found on the Electoral Registration pages. It is important to note that there are distinctions between parliamentary and local government elections as the rules differ.

Persons under the Age of 16

While electors are ineligible to vote at UK Parliamentary General Elections and European Parliament Elections until they are eighteen, the voting age applicable to Scottish Parliament Elections and Scottish Local Government Elections has been lowered for those elections. This means that any registered elector aged 16 or over on polling day is eligible to vote in those elections. For all elections, names can be added to the Register up to two years before someone reaches the relevant voting age.

A number of postal voting application forms are available in other languages on our 'How to Vote' page.


Please visit Grampian and Electoral Registration Officer website for Aberdeenshire offices contact details.

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