Equality Impact Assessments

The Council has a duty to demonstrate that we consciously consider or have due regard to our equality obligations.

Assessing the impact of our policies and practices on equality is one of the most effective means of demonstrating that we have met the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) aims to assess the impact of the Council's policies, procedures and functions on those that have Protected Characteristics within Aberdeenshire Council. It allows us to make balanced judgements in all decisions, including difficult ones.

The EIA is a vital part of planning and policy development, which will help to provide balanced and well thought out proposals. It helps Aberdeenshire Council to assess the impact of our proposals on those that have Protected Characteristics within Aberdeenshire.

When we carry out an EIA and find certain groups do not have access to our services, are underrepresented, or are not receiving as good a service as they should, we must take action to resolve the situation.