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Equality Impact Assessments 2013

This page contains the following information: -
1. Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs)
2. Justification statements explaining why an EIA is not required

If the document opens with a Committee Report, please refer to section three 'Equalities, Staffing and Financial Implications'. This will detail whether an Equality Impact Assessment has been carried out. If an EIA has been carried out, you will be directed to the relevant appendix within the document. If no EIA has been carried out, then a justification statement explaining why this is the case will be provided within section three.

Aberdeenshire Council

25 April, 2013

27 June, 2013

Education, Learning and Leisure Committee - Includes schools, nurseries, cultural services (libraries, museums, arts, media), sport and leisure, community learning and development and children's services.

23 May, 2013

29 August, 2013

Infrastructure Services - Includes economic development, planning and building standards, property and facilities management, protective services and waste management, roads and landscape services and transportation.

9 May, 2013

20 June, 2013

22 August, 2013

Local Review Body

Policy and Resources Committee - Responsible for making decisions on policy and performance, resources and services, financial management and business transformation, staffing issues, information technology, communications, legal services, emergency planning, Police and Fire.

18 April, 2013

13 June, 2013

Scrutiny and Audit Committee - This committee undertakes an annual programme of reviews looking at the effectiveness of council policy and service delivery and identifying improvements to the performance of the activity reviewed.

16 May, 2013

04 July, 2013

Social Work and Housing Committee - Includes housing, sheltered housing, adult social care and protection, older people and physical disability and criminal justice.

06 June, 2013

12 September, 2013