Prejudice Incident Reporting

It is against the law to discriminate, harass, show bad attitudes towards someone or certain people, or to commit hate crime against certain people due his or her actual or perceived race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation or disability. UK equality law refers to these as protected characteristics.

Find our how to report a hate crime.

Prejudice and discrimination behaviour can include, but is not restricted to:

  • offensive language
  • threatening behaviour
  • physical violence
  • abusive text messages, emails or comments on social media
  • spreading rumours, being ignored or excluded
  • having belongings stolen or damaged, based on having one or more of the protected characteristics

Report it to the Police

If you think you or someone else has been a victim of a hate crime you can report it to Police Scotland. You can fill in a form, phone 101 for non-emergencies, or 999 for emergencies. You can also find your nearest third party reporting centre.

Report hate crime

If we treated you unfairly

We aspire to be the best council in Scotland. There is no place for prejudice or discrimination when it comes to serving our communities. We value complaints and use information from them to help us improve our services. 

If you think that you have been treated unfairly, you can report it to our Feedback Team.

Make a complaint

Alternatively you can do it by phone 01224 435990, email at or in writing:

Feedback Team
Woodhill House
Westburn Road
AB16 5GB