Information Management

Policies and Strategies

The Council’s current Information Management Strategy was approved in December 2013 and covers the period 2013-16. A new Strategy for 2016-20 is currently being produced, which will be integrated with the broader Digital Strategy.

The Information Management Strategy and Digital Strategy are available below:

The current Strategy sets out a Vision for Information Management, the key principles and benefits of managing information effectively, and some of the projects that are currently being progressed which contribute to the realisation of these aims. 

The Strategy complements the Information Management Policy implemented in September 2013. This and other related policies and procedures are available below:

The main aspects of good information management are shown in this diagram:
Information Management circle.jpg 

File Structure, Retention and Disposal

As stated in our Records Management Plan, Aberdeenshire Council is adopting the Local Government Classification Scheme (LGCS) and Scottish Council on Archives Records Retention Schedules (SCARRS) as a basis for determining the file structure and retention periods for its information. These national standards are currently being rolled out across all Services, with some scope for customisation in order to meet business needs.

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