Our financial situation

Aberdeenshire Council's budget

Like all councils across the country, we faced significant reductions in budget in 2010 and considered the best ways to maintain delivery of essential services.

Around 80% of Aberdeenshire Council's budget comes from the funding we receive as Scottish Government Grant. This means that cuts to funding had a significant impact on the authority’s budget.

As an efficient, well-run council with good financial management, we know it is essential we are prepared for the future decisions of Government and that we are able to respond to those decisions quickly, whatever they might be.

The council's Head of Finance forecasts the council to be within budget for the current year. Looking ahead for the next four years to 2019/20, budget savings of around £50 million will be required. The level of grant from the Scottish Government will not be confirmed until end of  December 2015, while we are aware the cost of delivering services is increasing every year.

A council tax freeze was agreed as part of a package of measures negotiated between the Scottish Government and the COSLA Leadership following the 2010 Spending Review. This arrangement continues to be in place for 2015/16.

What happens next?

Aberdeenshire Council will meet on February 11, 2016 to agree the council's revenue budget for the next five years to deliver a range of vital services to the residents of Aberdeenshire. The council will also agree the capital plan from 2016/17 to 2028/29 and the housing revenue account budget from 2016 - 2021.

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