Consultation and Engagement Tools

Every year Aberdeenshire Council consults with residents and service users with the aim of improving and developing services. Staff who are consulting on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council have a range of tools and support options available to them to help ensure that they carry out effective and meaningful engagements.

Consultation Code of Practise

The Consultation Code of Practice has been developed to ensure that all consultation undertaken by the council is effective, efficient and consistent.

Community Engagement Strategy

Our Community Engagement Strategy has been designed to improve our consistency and effectiveness in our approach to Community Engagement. This strategy demonstrates our commitment of working and engaging with communities, groups and service users to develop and shape services and build capacity towards resilient communities.


Consultation Toolkit

Our Consultation Toolkit provides all the management and operational information required to guide any member of staff through the consultation process. The Toolkit provides information on topics such as:

  • What to consider prior to Consulting
  • Consultation Ethics
  • Consultation Methods (Advantages, disadvantages and when to use)
  • Engaging Hard to Reach Groups