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Areas and towns

View statistics, facts and figures about Aberdeenshire in our profiles:

Aberdeenshire profile

Aberdeenshire Profile 2018 (pdf 927KB) presents facts, figures and information about the area including population, age structure, housing, economy, employment, transport links, broadband, environment, climate change, council political make up and budget.

You can also view additional analysis highlighting current issues affecting Aberdeenshire in the 2018/19 Strategic Assessment (pdf 1.79MB) as well as facts and figures about Aberdeenshire.

View map of Aberdeenshire.

Area profiles

Facts, figures and information about Aberdeenshire’s 6 administrative areas including maps of each area. Land area, population, population density, age structure, economy, industry by sector and number of employees, unemployment, housing stock, house building, house price, political composition, services. 

View area profiles from 2018:

View map with Aberdeenshire administrative areas.

Town profiles

Facts, figures and information about Aberdeenshire’s 16 main towns. Population, age structure, housing stock, house building, house price, school rolls and academic attainment, income, unemployment, deprivation, crime, businesses by sector, industrial land, travel to work data, council tax bands, distance to services and transport, localities.

View our 2019 main town profiles:

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