Housing Market

Find out more about the housing market in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire:

Housing Land Audit 

Our Draft Housing Land Audit 2022 is now available to view and comment on. 

Housing Land Audit 2021

The Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Housing Land Audit 2021 (PDF 3.3MB) provides information on the supply and availability of land for house building. It gives details of the established, effective and constrained housing land supply on a site by site basis. It includes totals of the number of houses built each year and expected future house building for housing market areas, strategic growth areas, local authority areas, administrative areas, towns and villages. It also sets out the current housing land requirement and the 5 year effective housing land supply.

The Housing Land Audit online database gives more information on sites in the housing land audit which are in Aberdeenshire. You can search for specific sites using a range of criteria, for example to show all sites for a particular town or area, or to see sites for individual developers. The database has maps showing the boundary of each site and gives details of the numbers of houses built and expected future programming. It also lists the planning applications associated with each site.

Housebuilding in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire 2021 (PDF 103KB) summarises the housing completions figures in the housing land audit and shows the number of houses built in recent years and expected future completions. summarises the housing completions figures in the housing land audit and shows the number of houses built in recent years and expected future completions.

You can also view the Housing Land Audit 2020 (PDF 2MB).

Draft Housing Land Audit 2022

The Draft Housing Land Audit 2022 (PDF 3.35MB) has been published, and we welcome your comments and feedback on it. You can also view our Draft Housing Land Audit 2022 online database.

The base date of the audit is 1st January 2022. Any changes to sites since this date are not included in this years audit. Please bear this in mind when submitting your comments. 

The consultations period ends on Friday 20th May 2022. Please ensure that any comments you wish to make are sent by this date. Agreed responses will be used to make amendments to the draft audit and a final version will be published later in the year. 

Comments on the draft audit should be sent to statistics@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

House prices

Aberdeenshire’s Housing Market (PDF 1.3MB) gives average house prices for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City, housing market areas and towns with proportions of new build and second-hand sales in each town.

The Aberdeen housing market report gives additional information and analysis of house prices in Aberdeen City and the surrounding area. It provides details of the change in house prices over time, volume of sales, and how prices vary between different types of houses.

See also housing market and house price figures published by the Scottish Government’s Centre For Housing Market Analysis at national and local authority level.

Housing need and demand

The Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) estimates the future number of additional homes required to meet existing and future housing need and demand. Its purpose is to provide a robust, shared and agreed evidence base for housing policy and land use planning to ensure that Strategic Development Plans, Local Development Plans and Local Housing Strategies are based on a common understanding of existing and future housing requirements. It provides a wide range of information and statistics on population, household and economic trends and reviews the current housing stock, house prices and trends in the housing market. It also examines housing requirements of specific household groups such as older people, those with disabilities, Gypsy/Travellers and homeless households. 

The Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Housing Need and Demand Assessment 2017 (PDF 4.88MB) was published in March 2018. The Centre for Housing Market Analysis provides additional information about Housing Need and Demand Assessments and other housing market statistics.