Information and Records Management

Our records detail our actions in providing services and making decisions. They show you how we have done things and why we did them.

Policies and strategies

The Information Strategy (PDF 215KB) sets out the council's vision for information and  the key principles and benefits of managing information effectively.

The Information and Records Management Policy is under review. The policy define the framework by which information held by the council is managed.

Retention and disposal of records

The council has adopted the Scottish Council on Archives Record Retention Schedules as the basis for the retention periods and disposal actions for its records, with scope for local customisation within the services to meet business needs.

Records Management Plan

A joint Records Management Plan for the council and the Aberdeenshire Licensing Boards was approved by the Keeper of the Records of Scotland in November 2015. The plan describes how we manage our information and the improvements we intend to make in the years to come. The plan is a requirement of the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011.