Responsible ownership

Abby, our Aberdeenshire mascot will help you think about some of the questions you should ask yourself and your family, before deciding to own a dog. Abby will then point out the responsibilities you must assume once you have your dog. Many of these are legal duties, and others are what every responsible pet owner should strive to achieve.

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Thinking Of Getting A Dog?

  • Are you willing to accept your responsibilities as a prospective dog owner?
  • Are you prepared to be responsible for all your dog's needs throughout its life?
  • Are you willing to train your dog and not allow it to become a nuisance to other people?
  • Are you prepared to clean up after your dog when it fouls?

Pet or Pest

Owning a dog can bring great enjoyment but it is also a lifelong responsibility. A dog needs to be cared for properly and responsibly, which includes staying within the law and not allowing your dog to become a nuisance to other people.

Can you afford to keep a dog?

  • Initial Expenses - cost of dog or puppy, bed and bedding, lead, collar and name tag, food bowls, food, dog guard or pet carrier for the car, puppy-training books, grooming brushes and combs, initial health check, vaccination and worming tablets.
  • Everyday expenses - food, chews, pooper-scoopers and toys.
  • Medical expenses - vets bills - including health check and annual vaccinations, neutering of both make and female dogs to prevent unwanted puppies, regular worming, flea control and emergency treatment.
  • Other expenses - training classes, boarding fees for when the family is away on holiday; grooming costs e.g. clipping/stripping, pet health and accident insurance.

Do you have the time?

Can you spend quality time in enough quantity with your new pet?

  • To train, groom, care and socialise a puppy.
  • To exercise and play with your dog.
  • To exercise your dog in a suitable place locally in all weather conditions and seasons?

All breeds of dog demand a lot of time and attention, particularly when they are puppies.

A dog can live for an average of 13 years - you will be responsible for your pet for all of its life.

Is your house suitable for a dog?

  • Do you have a garden/yard which your pet can use?
  • Is your garden/yard fenced and dog proof?
  • Is your house big enough for you, your family and a dog?
  • Are you allowed to keep a dog in your home? - Check with your landlord first.

Health and Allergies

  • Is any member of your family allergic to dogs?
  • A member of the household must be fit enough to regularly exercise and play with the dog. This includes being able to bend down and use a pooper-scooper.